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Count upon us for buying quality assured All Purpose Disinfectant Sanitizer Cleaner, Anti-pollution Face Wash, Dishwasher, Hand Gel, Hair Care, Toilet Cleaner etc...

About Us

We are Orbique Nutracos Solutions LLP which is a well-established formulator and manufacturer of highly effective personal care & home hygiene products. Founded in the year 2015, our rich business experience makes us specialized in the field of complete 360o turnkey services which includes custom formulation, research and development, contract manufacturing, third-party manufacturing, private labeling and brand development. Backed with a team of knowledgeable professionals, they guide each of our client during the product development process.

With thousands of formulation techniques and countless packaging variations, we have the ability to meet urgent requirements through ready to go in-stock items as well as we can customize the formulations for body care, face care, skin care, hair care & home hygiene products such as All Purpose Disinfectant Sanitizer Cleaner, Anti-pollution Face Wash, Dishwasher, Hand Gel, Toilet Cleaner and more.

Our quality analysis and quality checking team assures that whatever be the choice and requirements of the customers, we will find the right way to get it done. Each technique of formulation is deeply researched and developed by our skilled team of chemists by following highest quality standards, latest scientific breakthroughs and the smallest and the largest growing trends in the entire world.

Whether our clients require something, we already make something completely innovative, from formulation to packaging. Our team members help in identifying the exact look and feel would best represent clients brand image and message. For any of the company getting right label look and design is the most important and challenging task; our in-house graphic designers and specialist translates clients branding on the packaging with the unique art-work. Our modern art facility is equipped with blending, holding, homogenizing, processing and batching tanks. Our product development personnel get help of our R&D experts in making the best product design as per client's requirements. Our regulatory department makes sure that the produced goods are in compliance to the guidelines of labeling industry. Our quality analysis department look after the operations related to proper documentation stability and substantiation before the final release of the products. So, from the R&D stage to manufacturing, from the procurement of raw material to the delivery of finished goods, all activities are executed systematically.


The mission of our company is to ensure the well-being of our clients and attain their complete satisfaction by manufacturing high performance Hand Gel, Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel, Instant Hand Rub, etc. and promoting maximum efficiency, competitiveness, innovation and social responsibility. We aim to become a company which provides customers end-to-end solutions and valuable recommendations through the most effective channels by knowing their expectations. Also, we are aiming to reach our wide variety of products to the customers living in different parts of the country quickly and efficiently via wide spread distribution network which operate with sustainable profitability and efficiency.

We envisioned becoming an organization which is preferred not only nationally but internationally as the best strategical service partner holding expertise in the fields of service. Further, we want to develop well spread supply network across institutions and organizations other than main activity areas with the help of experienced and knowledgeable management staff.


Orbique Nutracos stands out for its original concept of introducing advance technologies and more efficient, safe and sustainable methodologies of product development by conducting relevant research programs in the respective field.

Client Satisfaction

For us, client satisfaction is our ultimate goal and it can be achieved only by providing excellent customer support which will satisfy both us as well as our target audience. The company will only get great revenues when its customers will get satisfied services and they become happy with the services.

Our Team

To be a successful company, we work together as a team beyond organizational, cultural and geographical boundaries to meet the growing requirements of our customers.

Why Us?

The companies should associate with us because quality is embedded in the work and values of our firm. Our business practices and processes are designed in such a manner that assists us to achieve high-quality results so that we can exceed the expectations of our clients and business partners.